HYDEN 6 color Tube Printer


The Hyden 6100T Tube Printer is specially designed to meet the challenging requirements of printing conical Injection Molded plastics tubes and can therefore comfortably also print cylindrical lami-tubes used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging. This press delivers extremely fine printing quality and decorates tubes in up to 6 colors. Incorporating a host of advanced features allows this press to offer superior print quality and ease of set-up and operation. Capable of fully automatic and continuous runs, this press delivers consistently accurate print reproduction.

The Hyden 6100T incorporates anti-backlash gearing, clamp type plate cylinders and ink agitation units. The tube in-feed system is developed in a manner capable of handling conical tubes and offers continuous feeding on to printing mandrels. A no-tube detection system disengages the printing mandrel from the blanket and avoids an on-mandrel impression. An electronically managed ink in-feed system offers precise adjustment of color deposition via the system touch-screen HMI. The Magicure UV-OMC system immediately cures printed tubes and ejects them onto a servo positioned collection conveyor that offers preset counting and stacking of printed tubes. A varnishing head with UV-OMC is also offered as an option.

The press is managed by the TESLA Controls 6100 ServoCAT control system that manages all press functions via a touch-screen HMI. Press operation and ink management as well as diagnostic and fault data is accessed via the HMI. The control system is capable of interfacing with a corona pre-treatment system for operational and safety functions.

The Hyden 6100T is a rugged and spohisticated press that will deliver great results at low operating and maintenance costs. This is owing to the Care, Dedication and Precision that goes into the build of all Hyden presses. We are confident that you too will experience the satisfaction felt by all Hyden customers.

Technical Specification

Standard Features

Automated tube in-feed

UV-OMC curing system

Electronic ink management

Tesla series 610 ServoCAT control system

Automatic counting and re-stacking

Optional Features

Integration of Corona Treater

Varnishing head with UV-OMC

Offset unit 6 color modular
Min/Max rim diameter 15/50 mm
Max print width 125 mm
Max print length 160 mm
Min/Max taper 2/7 degrees
Press speed 80 TPM
Power utility 15 Kw 415V 50Hz
Air utility 400 Lit/min @ 8 bar
Footprint (L/W/H) 3400 x 2100 x 2000 mm