HYDEN 6 color High-speed Dry-Offset Presses



The M-6250M Dry Offset press has been designed to deliver vivid 6 color decoration on disposable containers manufactured from HIPS or PP. This press gives sharp and vivid print reproduction and comfortably prints vignettes and half-tones.

Dual form rollers and electronic ink flow adjustments along with precise and sturdy craftsmanship ensures attractive decoration on the containers. The UV-OMC system immediately cures printed containers allowing high production rates. Optional features such as automatic re-stacking and Corona attachments are available to enhance the capabilities of the press.

The Signature Series upgrade available for this press provides total automation and includes a stack buffer for automatic stack feeding into the press and a re-stacking system with cup counting and stack segmenting.

A simple to operate and easy to maintain control system manages the press. Built with standard high quality components the control system is completely reliable with respect to press management as well as least maintenance.

The press is equipped with the Series 625 automation manufactured by TESLA Controls and is user-friendly and fully user maintainable. At no point of time will it ever be required to call for a Tesla Engineer for control system maintenance. The very detailed and comprehensive service manual and on call support allows the user to address any system break-down and restart production with least down time. Standard parts from reputed manufacturers and a fast supply of spares ensures this. A control pendent on the press provides operational ease and easy access to basic press controls and ink management. Press management is therefore convenient.

The M-6250M is built for continuous high production runs and will give years of reliable service requiring only simple and basic maintenance. This is because all Hyden presses are manufactured to exacting specifications and component standardisation. The Care, Dedication and Precision that has gone into the build will ensure a dependable performance from this press.

Technical Specification

Standard Features

Automated container in-feed

UV-OMC curing system

Tesla Series 625 control system

Optional Features

Integration of Corona Treater

Flame treatment system

No Cup detection and shutdown

Signature Series upgrade offers automated container stack loading and automated container re-stacking with counting and stack segmentation

Offset unit 6 color modular
Min/Max rim diameter 50/150 mm
Max print width 150 mm
Max print length 375 mm
Min/Max taper 2/7 degrees
Press speed 250 CPM
Power utility 11.25 Kw 415V 50Hz
Air utility 800 Lit/min @ 6 bar
Footprint (L/W/H) 3000 x 3000 x 2500 mm