HYDEN 4 color High-speed Dry-Offset Presses


The 4250M is a compact high-speed four color Dry Offset press from the family of presses manufactured by Hyden for the decoration of disposable plastics cups and containers used in the food and dairy industry. Attractive decoration of Injection molded or Thermoformed containers in four colors is offered by this press. Continuous high-speed runs in a compact work area at low energy inputs gives this press an edge over other models making it suitable to cater to very large printing volumes.

The 4250M is a semi-automatic press that makes it easy to operate and keeps it low on electrical power and floor area. This press has the proven Magicure UV-OMC curing system that cures printed containers on their mandrels prior to ejection. A number of optional features allows this press to be configured for enhanced operational features and requirements. The Signature Series option for this press gives it full automation from stack in-feed to re-stacking of printed containers.

Options for this press customise it for specific print-shop requirements. No-Cup Detection and Shut-Down, Corona treatment for PP containers, simple re-stacking of printed containers are some of the available options. High precision printing mandrels for a variety of container sizes and shapes are offered as required.

The press is equipped with the Series 425 control system manufactured by TESLA Controls. This control system offers easy and convenient press operation and has been designed for user maintenance. Any control system maintenance can therefore be carried out by the customer on site without calling for a Tesla engineer.

The 4250M has been designed and built for continuous and demanding print-shop requirements and will give years of reliable performance with least maintenance. All Hyden presses are manufactured to high levels of precision and component standardisation. Our manufacturing philosophy is based on Care, Dedication and Precision and therefore this press will offer the performance it has been built for.

Technical Specification

Standard Features

Automated container in-feed

UV-OMC curing system

Tesla Series 425 control system

Optional Features

Integration of Corona Treater

Flame treatment system

No Cup detection and shutdown

Signature Series upgrade offers automated container stack loading and automated container re-stacking with counting and stack segmentation

Offset unit 4 color integral
Min/Max rim diameter 50/125 mm
Max print width 150 mm
Max print length 315 mm
Min/Max taper 2/7 degrees
Press speed 250 CPM
Power utility 7 Kw 415V 50Hz
Air utility 800 Lit/min @ 6 bar
Footprint (L/W/H) 2700 x 1950 x 2100 mm