Cup Stacking Solutions

UST-100 Cup Stacker

Servicing the Thermoforming Industry

Thermoforming machines that manufacture disposable plastics containers often do not have automated online stacking of the formed containers. The UST-100 Cup Stacker is a perfect companion for such machines. The UST-100 locates in front of the Thermoforming machine and cups that are ejected after forming fall directly into the UST-100 which conveys them and generates vertical stacks. The UST-100 therefore eliminates the tedious task of manually stacking formed containers produced in high volumes and thereby also offers a neater and hygienic production environment along with higher profitability in the manufacturing operation.

The UST-100 transports cups from the Thermoformer to the stacking station through Servo-driven palettes which can be easily and quickly changed for different product sizes. Continuous and precise operation is managed through the TESLA Controls Series UST 100 Automation offering control through a touchscreen HMI.

Technical Specification

Standard Features

Palette Conveyor with 30 palettes

Palette transport through Servo drive

Machine on casters for easy dislocation from the Thermoforming machine

TESLA Controls Series UST 100 Automation

Optional Features

Palette Conveyor extension with 20 palettes

Drop Conveyor for PP products

Palettes and Change parts for different products

Product suitability will need to be confirmed

Machine Speed 60 steps/min max.
Min/Max rim diameter 65/125 mm
Number of Palettes 30
Power utility 3.5 Kw 425V 50Hz
Footprint (L/W/H) - 30 Palettes 3800 x 2300 x 1800 mm
Footprint (L/W/H) - 50 Palettes 7400 x 2300 x 1800 mm