Bi-directional Inspection Machine

ServoTech B 400 HS


The B400HS Label Inspection Slitter-rewinder was launched at the LabelExpo India 2016 show. This machine has been designed for critical inspection requirements, particularly in the Pharmaceutical sector. This machine offers fail-safe inspection of printed label rolls through its Re-inspection Mode. When a defective label is captured by the Inspection camera the machine brings the label to a splice table where the operator confirms the defect and replaces the defective label. When the machine is re-started, the replaced label is re-inspected by the Camera to confirm that it is defect free. This mode of operation offers fail-safe defect detection.

The machine is also capable of on-line slitting and rewinding during inspection and has a top conversion speed of 300 meters per minute. The slitting system is fast to set-up and is precise and offers fine slitting quality for a variety of label stock substrates.

General Data

Operating width - 400mm

Diameter on unwind - 750mm

Diameter on rewind - 500mm

Speed - 300 m/min

Minimum slitting width - 20mm

Side trim width (min) - 1.5mm

Slitting accuracy - +/- 0.25mm

Footprint - 4000 L x 1600 W x 1900 H

Standard Features

Flag detection

Web break sensing

Stop on Label count

Stop on web length

Stop on rewind diameter


Magnetic Powder Brake

Electrically operated Air-expanding shaft

Web break / end of web sensing

Brake override through HMI


Servo drive on Rewind Shaft

Electrically operated Air-expanding shaft

Web gripper

Web separation device

Constant/Taper Tension modes

Nip Station

Servo drive on Nip Roller

Easy access and removal of Nip Roller for Cleaning

Cover Open Interlock for operator safety

Pneumatic Engage/Disengage

Slitting & Trimming

Rotary Knives – 4 standard (additional blades can be added as option)

Razor Knives – 2 standard (additional blades can be added as option)

2-axis Pneumatic throw on Rotary Knives

Manual throw on Razor Knives

Lateral adjustment of slitting unit

Trim Extraction

Through Venturi

Venturi requires compressed air source

Splice Table

Splicing table for unwind

Splicing tables for Uni-directional and Bi-directional web inspection

Adjustable Splice Tables for easy splicing

Dual Pneumatic Web Clamps to assist splicing

Tape dispensers for adhesive tape

Optional Features

Defect Detection Camera

Defect detection camera integration 

Label counting

Missing label detection

Splice detection

Ink-jet printer integration