HYDEN 4 color Low-speed Dry-Offset Presses for Paper / Plastic Cups

4080 Nano

The Hyden 4080 Nano is a compact low speed four color Dry Offset press. Specially designed for printing on Paper Cups and Injection molded and Thermoformed plastics disposable containers, used in food and beverage packaging, this machine has all the features and build quality of our standard range of printers at a low equipment cost. The 4080 Nano has been particularly manufactured for low printing volumes and small batch sizes.

The 4080 Nano is a fully automatic 4 color press that gives excellent print quality while maintaining tight color register. It uses solvent based inks and is equipped with a heat drying conveyor for curing printed containers. An optional re-stacking system allows easy and convenient operation. The press has a small and compact footprint requiring a low operating area and is extremely easy to install and set-up.

Precise Seam detection and Positioning through the TESLA Controls Seem Seeker © allows Start Point Registration for printing on Paper Cups. This enables the start of the printing to be done in registration with the Seam

The 4080 Nano is manufactured by precise machining techniques and workmanship and has a solid build. TheTESLA Controls 408PC Control System is simple and easy to maintain and is made user serviceable and therefore does not require any specialized maintenance. Comprehensive instructions and maintenance manuals are provided with the equipment to assist set-up and maintenance.

The 4080 Nano gives an excellent print reproduction with consistent results. This is because it has been manufactured with the same Care, Dedication and Precision that goes into the build of our most advanced presses. No compromises are made in the materials or workmanship that goes into the build. This make the equipment worthy of a long service life at a low maintenance cost. When installed on your shop floor you will join a large base of satisfied customers, because Customer Satisfaction is what all of us at Hyden really care about.

Technical Specification

Standard Features

Automated Container In-Feed

UV-OMC curing sytem

Telsa Seam seeker for Paper cup Seam Orientation

Optional Features

SRA-80 Re-Stacker

Corona Treatment Unit for Plastic Cups

No-Cup No-Print

Offset unit 4 color integral
Min/Max rim diameter 50/92 mm
Max print width 125 mm
Max print length 235 mm
Min/Max taper 2/7 degrees
Press speed 80 CPM
Power utility 5 Kw 415V 50Hz
Air utility 300 Lit/min @ 6 bar
Footprint (L/W/H) 1600 x 1800 x 2200 mm