HYDEN 8 color High-speed Dry-Offset Presses

M-8350M Signature Series

The Hyden M-8350M is the most advanced Dry Offset press offered for the decoration of disposable plastics containers. This press has been designed for offering a vivid decoration on the containers and has features that allow high quality vignettes and half-tones to be printed on disposable containers.

The press features water-cooled rollers to maintain ink viscosity. Dual form rollers deliver ink precisely to the printing plates. Precise adjustment of the form roller and plate cylinder contact pressures makes it possible to set-up the press for fine results. The ink flow can be adjusted precisely through the machine control and the ink ducts are equipped with automatic agitation systems for precise ink delivery.

The print cylinders feature a precision Pin-Bar mounting system that allows for 'First time make-ready' greatly reducing the time required for plate mounting and color registration. This allows complex jobs to be registered and set up quickly. The ink-heads feature automatic wash-up for quick color changes.

Cup to printing blanket pressure is precisely adjustable electronically through a single-axis Servo controlled slide also featuring mandrel position memory for quick engage and disengage with the blanket and automatic return to the set contact position.

A stack buffer with logic controlled stepping drops stacks of un-printed containers into the press. A Servo driven auto-loader with 4 progressive pitch screws separates the stack and feeds the cups onto printing mandrels that are driven and synchronized with the blanket drum. The printing mandrels also rotate at the UV irradiator and mandrel rotation is monitored by the control system that gives an alarm if any of the mandrels do not rotate sufficiently during irradiation. No-cup No-Print and Double-Cup Shut-Down are optional accessories.

The press features a compact UV OMC system that cures printed cups and the irradiator radiation is automatically blocked during UV stand-by. A light-weight quick change turret system reduces the make-ready time for a new product.

After printing and curing the re-stacking unit of the press automatically stacks printed cups of pre-derermined count and ejects them onto a collection tray for packing.

The HYDEN M-8350M press is equipped with the TESLA Controls 8350 ServoCAT control system that manages all the press and auxiliary functions

Individual control has been provided for the print drum, indexing unit and the feeding unit that assists in the make-ready of the press. In operation, all units synchronise and run in precise sync

The PLCs, Motion Controller, HMI and Servo Drives have been equipped for remote diagnostics and software updates and TESLA engineers have the capability of taking over the control system remotely for diagnostics and repairs.

The Hyden M-8350M press is the choice when the printing requirements are critical and spectacular decoration is desired. We understand the need of the packaging industry and have therefore evolved with it.

Technical Specification

Standard Features

Automated container stack in-feed

Automatic container in-feed

UV-OMC curing system

Water cooled ink-heads

Pin-bar plate mounting system

Servo mandrel pressure adjustment with memory

Automatic counting and re-stacking

Tesla 8350 ServoCat control system

Optional Features

Integration of Corona Treater

Flame treatment system

No-cup No-Print

Double-Cup Shut-Down

Offset unit 8 color modular
Min/Max rim diameter 50/160 mm
Max print width 150 mm
Max print length 425 mm
Min/Max taper 2/7 degrees
Press speed 350 CPM
Power utility 23 Kw 415V 50Hz
Air utility 800 Lit/min @ 8 bar
Footprint (L/W/H) 5000 x 3700 x 3325 mm